When looking at information online, it is not always easy determining if something is original or not. If I were to read an online blog, and then create my own blog with the exact same information the majority of people who visit my blog would believe those are my thoughts and ideas. While online, it’s a difficult task monitoring whose thoughts are original and who’s aren’t. There are millions of posts on millions of sites each day and the amount of information being transferred all over the world is massive. In order to create a community of robust online users I believe creating stricter copyright laws is not the best answer. By creating these laws we are restricting freedom of expression and creativity. We are also restricting people from using the information produced online for good. Students for example are unable to view some valuable information due to strict copyright laws. When you post something online you are exposing it to a community of over a billion people. Your thoughts are subject to criticism, comments, and opinions just as media pieces are, or any opinion in real life. If others want to post an opinion about what you have posted they are allowed too. Freedom of speech on the Internet is a valuable right. I am not arguing for people who plagiarize others work as I believe they are in the wrong, however many Internet users struggle with the differences between copyright protection and the freedom of expression. If we educate users on the differences we can work to creating a robust online community with fair and protective copyright laws.