With the advent of the Internet, and then more importantly social media, the world has changed a substantial amount. One main way we have seen a shift is in the way people obtain their news and information. Myself as an example uses twitter as one of my main news sources. The benefit of twitter is it has such a large variety of topics covered by such a large amount of people. It provides different perspectives on subjects that range from anything to world news, to local news. The problem with TV and using it as a primary source for news is that TV usually only provides one perspective and you are only able to obtain the information the news station chooses to provide. On the Internet however there are perspectives by a wide variety of people covering the story and additionally, you are able to search more and obtain further information on a subject if wanted.  As (Friedman, 2011) notes, the Internet has provided people with a large share of information on news topics, especially through the use of social media. This leads to guiding question #2; yes these opportunities encourage me to participate more directly in citizen journalism. Social media, and specifically twitter has made it incredible easy to cover an event or share news with others. Additionally it has made it easier to participate in social activism as one can share their opinion on a topic, or comment and engage with other people who are interested in the similar topic. (Hermida, 2012) explains that the practice of journalism is rapidly expanding, as there are a variety of individuals who report on events that are not actual journalists. This is what allows people to see many different perspectives and thoughts about certain issues and is what has made it easier to participate in citizen journalism and social activism.



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