Hack, hacking and hackers- in the realm of the hackers is a documentary that provides insight into the world of hacking. Hackers are very controversial figures in society, as not many people understand what hacking actually means. When we hear the term hacking, we automatically think negatively about the person, as hacking is often associated with crime or fraud. However in today’s world hacking can be very beneficial for a multiple of reasons. The reason hacking is still associated with negative terms in the mainstream media is that hacking and technology is very complicated and not everyone understands what hacking really means. The only type of hacking we hear about in mainstream media is hacking that causes damage to a person or organization. We hear about hackers who hack into government websites in order to gain access to unauthorized information. We hear about hackers who hack into peoples back accounts in order to steal their personal banking information and money. However what we don’t hear about is the hackers that are hacking for good. One way hackers can be beneficial is they are able to help companies and organizations protect their own security by actively trying to hack into their systems. If they are able to hack into the system, the hacker will alert the company and the problem can be fixed. They are essentially placing themselves in the shoes of the bad guy in order to prevent these potential hacks from happening in the future.

Since hackers can be used for positive reasons, I feel that the mainstream media is painting an inaccurate and unfair picture of hackers. As mentioned above when we hear about hacking in mainstream media, we hear about the negative hackers, the ones hacking to cause damage or for crime purposes. Therefore I believe the medias depictions of hackers are inaccurate.

As discussed earlier, hackers can be hired by companies or organizations in order to help alert them of potential flaws in their security system. In addition to these types of hackers, there are also hackers who hack for ethical reasons. For example, many of the members of anonymous hack for ethical reasons. Hacking for ethical reasons is a form of civil disobedience, and although I do not always agree with these ethical hackers, where would our world be today without civil disobedience. One example of a hacker hacking for ethical reasons was when members of the group anonymous hacked Revenge porn king Hunter Moore. Moore created the site revenge porn king where he hacked into girls pictures and posted nude photos of them. Moore has also been accused of hiring hackers to hack into girls computers and personal information in order to obtain these photos. Anonymous was not happy with Moore thus hacked his twitter, shut down his site and did many other damager causing activities. Although two wrongs do not make a right Moore has caused much trouble to a large number of women and anonymous was sick of it. In these ethical hackers mindset they feel Moore has caused enough damage to innocent people and will continue to do so, therefore it is appropriate to cause damage to Moore and try to stop it (Kind of like Dexter if you watch it).

In my opinion although I do not always agree with the methods these ethical hackers use, or the people they choose to hack, however I do agree with ethical hacking as civil disobedience has led to many great things throughout society. Although hackers can cause a lot of damage and trouble to innocent people, hackers are portrayed inaccurately in the media and people should see both sides of the Hacking spectrum.